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This device can enable operators to achieve a preparatory step of pigging a pipeline, which includes loading a pig into the pipeline, in a clean, safe, and efficient manner.

The use of this device is certainly not limited to pigging oil and gas pipeline. The device may be used for introduction of a pig, or similar wad/plug, into other industrial fluid processing operations that may require cleaning and unclogging of the pipeline used therewith. 

In addition, the device is not limited to clearing obstructions, but may also be used to prepare a pipeline for batch treatment of fluids being processed through the pipe.

For instance, it is beneficial to "clear" the pipeline of remnants of a first fluid of first stage of a batch treatment process before processing a second fluid or subsequent batch.

The device may be used for introduction of a pig into a pipeline to prepare the pipeline for hydro-static testing or other types of structural integrity testing. 

Safeway Pig Loader
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