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Clarendon, PA 16313
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About AGI Industries
​AGI Industries was conceived by responding to the needs of our local community and the safety of our employees in the pipeline industry. 


We saw a need in our local community for a steel dealer. So we now offer our local Warren County, PA community with a new option for their steel buying needs. We are eager to serve you and fulfill your needs quickly and efficiently. We offer certified, high quality steel in our conveniently located Clarendon, PA warehouse.

Our steel services include:
    + Sales
    + Loading
    + Delivery
    + Cut to size
    + Special orders

Click here to view a full list of readily available inventory.


The Safeway Pig Loader is an example of innovation at its finest! The truly innovative Safeway Pig Loader is the best and safest way to introduce a pig into any open pipeline that requires cleaning, preparation for hydro-static testing, and other various types of structural integrity testing. This ingenious device enables operators to easily achieve the preparatory step of loading a pig into a pipeline in a clean, safe, and efficient manner.

Click here to learn more about the Safeway Pig Loader.


​The AGI Versa Clamp is a user friendly clamp that can easily be used on straight pipes or fittings, and minimizes obstructions when placing a bead.

Click here to learn more about the AGI Versa Clamp